People often live by the motto “less is more” when they go camping. You could also say “less equipment means more relaxation”. It’s true that with less equipment, you can concentrate more on the beauty of nature.

But those who aren’t just traveling with a backpack and bicycle will be able to pack other useful accessories, and create their own small comfort zone between the tent wall and sleeping pad. This will allow them to enjoy the camping adventure even more.

This must-haves which can turn even the biggest camping skeptic into an ardent adventurer:


If you want to buy or rent a tent, we recommend that you choose one size bigger, so you’ll have more space and can protect your equipment from the rain. You’ll then be able to set off, on the following day, with intact and dry equipment.

Sleeping pad or self-inflating airbed

You can certainly use a simple sleeping pad as an underlay for your sleeping-bag. Sleeping pads are relatively durable and robust. You’ll often be able to use your sleeping pads for many years.

However, if you want to experience more comfort, we recommend that you use a self-inflating airbed. This is equipped with a valve and will inflate of its own accord when the valve is opened, giving you more comfort on longer trips.

Sleeping bags

A sleeping bag is one item that you should definitely not forget to include as part of your equipment.

Sleeping bags vary in terms of insulation as well as with regard to their outer material. We recommend that you choose a warmer sleeping bag because the body cools down at night and you could, otherwise, catch a cold on a chilly summer night.

Camping cooker

Instead of buying a relatively expensive cooker which you can use only once, it makes more sense to buy or borrow a camping cooker with gas canisters. On longer trips, it is an advantage to have a camping cooker with two flames, so you can cook, e.g. pasta and heat up a suitable sauce at the same time. Also remember to take along enough gas canisters when you’re planning the trip. ;-)

Pots and pans

It is best to use special camping pots and pans which are made of stainless steel, are easy to clean, and look as good as new, even after a few years. Aluminum pots not only become unsightly over time, but can also release toxic substances into your food.

Plates, cups and cutlery

You can also use unbreakable ceramic plates along with simple, lighter ones that are made of plastic. These ceramic plates will not be damaged through heavy use and they often last a whole lifetime. It is also advisable to use unbreakable ceramic cups if you have enough space in your baggage. Metal cutlery is always the best. If you want to lessen the weight, metal cutlery is also sold with holes in the handles. Otherwise, you can also just use your everyday cutlery from home.

Cooling box

You should think about bringing along a cooling box for your food, particularly if you are going to spend an extensive period of time in the open air. Also think of bringing along an additional electricity supply because your car battery will not last for the whole trip.


Barbecue evenings naturally form an integral part of a proper camping vacation.. If you want to use a gas grill instead of a charcoal grill, also think of taking along enough gas canisters.

Camping furniture

If you are traveling by car, you will have more space for equipment. This will enable you to take along a folding table and folding chairs, which will be more pleasant than sitting on a sleeping pad on the ground.

Camping lights

A special camping lamp is great as it will provide you with enough light in your tent in the evening. However, if you do not have one, you can simply hang a flashlight in the middle of your tent instead.


It is nice to have both hands free if you have to repair something in your tent at night or search for something in your bag. We therefore think that it’s always good to have a headlamp in your baggage.

First-aid kit

We hope that you don’t get hurt during your trip. But something unexpected can always happen when you’re in the countryside. Therefore, you should always make sure that you have some bandages, adhesive plasters, and the most essential medications in your baggage before venturing into the wilderness.

Toilet paper

To have toilet paper everywhere is so normal for us that we often do not think of it while packing for the trip. But even if you’re staying at a campsite, it is good to have your own toilet paper with you - just in case the campsite owner has not restocked it early in the morning.

In addition, you should also think of taking along a pocketknife, sunglasses, sun cream, mosquito protection, a lighter, and some garbage bags.

We hope that you have a great trip and enjoy your adventures amongst nature.