When considering whether to go hiking with their children, many parents’ first thought is of whining kids who have no desire to be there.

However, there is so much for little hikers and their parents to discover on special hiking trails for families. In this blog article, we’ll introduce you to five great tours that will certainly keep the whole family happy.

For the adults, it is often sufficient to look at the view, take a selfie and, after a nice break, descend back down the same path. But children like to have a bit more action, so trails with a special theme and little “tasks” to do will offer them entertainment and variety.

The educational “Bergwald-Erlebnispfad” (mountain-forest-adventure trail)

Experience the forest with all your senses - feel, smell, see, hear and taste. You can do all this on the “Bergwald-Erlebnispfad” (mountain-forest-adventure trail), which runs from the “Forsthaus Adlgaß” tavern near Inzell along a rippling mountain stream to the Frillensee lake. The path has a total of 19 adventure stops. Just follow the fire salamander to make sure you are on the right path.

Your children can get to know the forest and its inhabitants in a playful way, together with you. For example, by feeling the forest floor together beneath your bare feet, competing against a wood mouse in the long jump, or trying to recognize different parts of a plant while blindfolded.

The trail is about six kilometers in length, including the way back.  You should prepare for a walking time of about one-and-a-half hours. The trail is therefore suitable for children aged about five years and over.

The water-adventure trail - especially suitable for water lovers

Adventure-loving families can search for so-called “legacies” on the water-adventure trail in Ehrwald, in Tyrol. “Legacies” mean nice people, diligent craftsmen, crystal-clear water and, above all, the beautiful countryside. The circular route for families is approximately three kilometers in length and is described as "With Zugspitzi to the Seeben waterfall". It starts and ends at the “Ehrwalder Almbahn” valley station.

A total of 14 stops can be found, one after the other, like a game of “treasure hunt”. At each point, there will be a key number to be figured out as part of a game. The solution to the game will only be revealed at the end of the tour through the Austrian mountains.

The “Grenzerpfad” (border trail) - search for the smugglers

The "Grenzerpfad" (border trail) in Oberreute in the Allgäu promises children a very special adventure. The legend of smuggling comes to life on the trail, which is nearly five kilometers long. Whereas hikers can enjoy the natural phenomena today, smugglers used to carry their goods through the forest under the constant danger of being caught.

The circular route tells the life stories of border guards and smugglers via ten stops on the German-Austrian border. Children will discover life-size animals and boxes of valuable smuggled goods on the tour, which leads through the dense forest. While the parents enjoy the great view, the children can listen to the voices of the forest with an ear trumpet or hide in a little house made of tree branches.

Moosle's explorer trail

At the foot of the Zugspitze mountain in Lermoos, lies "Moosle's explorer trail”.

There are over seven stops on the mountain trail, which is 2.7 km long, about 385 meters high, and leads from the halfway station of "Brettlalm" to the valley station of "Grubigstein".

In addition to a biotope where the children can experience the native animals and plants up close, the absolute highlight is a tree house, from where you can directly view the treetops of the forest.

The observation tower, which offers a magnificent view of the Austrian side of the Zugspitze mountain, also arouses interest among the adult visitors.

Themed trail in South Tyrol

This themed trail is relatively long - at 15 kilometers. It starts at the "Pichler" mountain station in the South Tyrolean “Sarntal” valley and is divided into four sections.

The first part leads to the "Pfnatschalm" restaurant and mainly centers around the topic of “water”. The kids can let off some energy in the cool water at water wheels and streams, and even travel across a pond on a wooden raft.

The second part leads to  the "Sunnalm" restaurant and revolves around the topic of wild animals, e.g. marten, roe deer, and alpine snow hare.

You’ll discover everything about the particular features of the “Sarntal” valley in the third part of the tour from "Pichlberg" to "Gertrumalm".

The last part of the journey will take you to a chapel made of fragrant Swiss pine, which invites parents to take a break inside. The little ones are usually enthralled by the special scent of the wood.

Along the way, several landlords will invite you to their taverns for a welcome break.