Paragliding at Wallberg
The Tegernsee Valley from the bird's eye view

The mountain
The Wallberg, with its 1.722 m altitude at the southern end of the Tegernseer valley, is a very popular view and excursion mountain in the Upper Bavarian Mangfall Mountains. The view over the Tegernsee and the Bavarian Prealps, on good days to Munich, is unique and inspires Wallberg visitors again and again.
As you drive along the Tegernsee, you will see the colorful parachutes at and around the Wallberg at the southern end of Tegernsee.

Just fly
The Wallberg has a long tradition for paragliders and hanggliders and is considered to be one of the
cradles of the cross country flying in Germany.
But even if you do not want to make a cross country flight, you will find particularly good start and flight conditions at the Wallberg for flights with the paraglider in general and with the tandem in particular. The so-called “Bavarian Wind” and the topography of the Tegernsee Valley often provide a very good
prerequisite for safe take-offs and long-lasting flights with very intense impressions.

Tandem flight
You can easily reach the starting places for paragliding flights and tandem flights in just a few minutes’ walk from the mountain station of the Wallbergbahn. Once you have reached the starting place, you will receive a detailed instruction from your pilot. But don’t worry, this instruction does not take long. Finally, paragliding with the tandem is the simplest way to get into the air at all. After a few steps on the starting meadow, you will soon be able to take off with your professional and competent pilot and experience the fascination of flying.

An incredible experience!

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Have fun  🙂

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