How do I register on Gearrilla?
Sign in under Log In with your email address and a secure password. Then you will get an email with a link to confirm the registration. Click on this and your registration is complete. Now you can get started and complete your profile.

Does the registration cost me anything?
No, registration with Gearrilla is free for you.

Does it cost me anything, to lend out an article?
To enter your item does not cost you anything. If someone lends your item, then payment is made directly through PayPal. You will be credited the amount minus a commission of 25 % to your PayPal account.

How do I lend out my gear?
Do you have equipment that you do not always use? Than register at Gearrilla to lend it to others. Just click + Lend Your Stuff and fill out all required fields. Describe your item as detailed as possible and add significant pictures. If your item has any defects, it’s important, that you describe it in the product description. If your item has any safety-relevant defects or damages, you’re not allowed to list it. If you’re not sure, have your equipment checked by a specialist before listing it. You can review, edit, or delete your article at any time under My Stuff.

How do I set the price for my item?
So that your article is often lent out, it is best, you orientate yourself at the usual rental prices. However, these prices can be very different.
For a better orientation, we have here a few price proposals for different articles. These are stated per day within the minimum rental period. We recommend to set the price per day after the minimum rental period a bit cheaper.

How does the renter get my gear?
If your equipment is lent out by someone so there are two ways the equipment comes to the renter:

The renter will pick it up directly at you.
If you released it for shipment, it can be sent as an alternative.

When you set your item, you have the option to choose whether the item can be sent or not.
If you have set your item for shipping, it will be blocked automatically for 3 days before and 3 days after the rental period, to ensure that there is enough time for shipping. If you have not set your item for shipping, only the days on which your item is lent will be blocked and your can be booked again for the next day. If your item will be shipped, you will receive a reminder email 4 days before the rental period.

Who bears the shipping costs?
If your item is to be shipped, then you as a lender, will bear the shipping costs to the renter. The renter accepts the costs for the return.

What happens if my item has been damaged or stolen during the rental period?
The renter will be responsible for the item during the rental period. If this is now broken or stolen, the renter bears the costs for the repair or has to reimburse you the time value of this item. It is possible that such damages are covered by private liability insurance. If the renter is not able to pay the damage, Gearrilla jumps in – The Gearrilla-Guarantee. However, we reserve the right to take legal steps against the renter.

What happens if the renter had an accident with my item and was injured?
As a lender, you have to insure, that your item does not contain any safety-related defects before you rent out your item. If you’re not sure, have your equipment checked by a specialist before listing it. The renter is also obligated to check the item before use. He assumes responsibility for your item during the rental period and bears the full risk for its use. Legal regulations apply.

Can the renter cancel a booking?
Yes, the renter can cancel his booking. This he can do free of charge up to 4 weeks before start of the rental period. Until 1 week before the start of the rental period, he has to pay 50 % of the rental fee and within 1 week before 100 %. In the last two cases, Gearrilla charges the commission of the actual paid rental fee.

Can I cancel a booking?
As a lender you can not cancel a booking. In the case of loss or damage, we ask you to inform us at an early stage so that we can help if necessary.
When do I get the money?
The rental fee for your item, minus 25% commission, will be credited directly after booking on your PayPal account.