What is Gearrilla?
Gearrilla makes it possible for you to share some gear for various sports with others.
Earn some money with your equipment by lending it to others, if you just do not need it yourself. As a renter you save a lot of money for new purchases.

Only after successful registration and completed profile it is possible to rent or rent out with Gearrilla. You can easily do this under Log In where you enter your e-mail and personally password. Then you will receive the registration confirmation by e-mail with a link to complete the registration.
Now, you’ll be able to log in and edit your profile.

To rent
To rent an item it is necessary to register with Gearrilla. Only then you can rent an item. You can review your booking under My orders in your account.

To lend
If you want to lend your gear, it is also necessary to register with Gearrilla. Only then you can submit a listing under + Lend Your Stuff. It is important that you describe the item as detailed as possible and add significant pictures. If your item has any defects, it’s important, that you describe it in the product description. If your item has any safety-relevant defects or damages, you’re not allowed to list it. If you’re not sure, have your equipment checked by a specialist before listing it. You can view and edit your entered items under My Stuff in your account. To rent out your gear you need a PayPal account to receive payments.

Shipping or pick up?
If you want to lend an item, you have the option to decide on page + Lend your stuff whether you want to have your item picked up at a specific address, or whether you want to ship it. If you have set your item for shipping, it will be blocked automatically for 3 days before and 3 days after the rental period, to ensure that there is enough time for shipping. If you have not set your item for shipping, only the days on which your item is lent will be blocked and your can be booked again for the next day. If your item will be shipped, you will receive a reminder email 4 days before the rental period.

You can pay on Gearrilla by PayPal. After successful booking the amount will be automatically be deducted from your bank account and you’ll receive an e-mail with the booking confirmation.
As a lender, you’ll get the rental fee, credited minus a commission of 25 % to your PayPal account.

Shipping costs
If an item is set for shipping, it can be shipped via DHL. The shipping costs are divided between the renter and the lender. As a result, the lender pays the shipment to the renter and the renter pays the return.

In general, we expect the renter to handle with the rented item as if it were his own.
If something should happen, the renter has to pay for the damage. It is possible that such damages are covered by private liability insurance. We recommend to check this before booking with your insurance company. If the renter is not able to pay the damage, Gearrilla jumps in – The Gearrilla-Guarantee. However, we reserve the right to take legal steps against the renter.

Cancellation policy
If you wish to cancel your booking, you can do so free of charge up to 4 weeks prior to rental period. Up to 1 week before beginning of the rental period, 50 % are due of the rental fee and 100 % within 1 week. Just write us an e-mail to contact@gearrilla.com or contact us under contact us on our homepage.
As a lender, after your item has been successfully booked, you can’t undo the rental of your item.
In the case of loss or damage, we ask the lender to inform us at an early stage so that we can help if necessary.